Sunday, January 23, 2011

Engagement Photos.

I realized I never did a proper post on our engagement photos. I have shown a few on my background and in the newspaper announcement post but here are some more of my favorites...
These photos were taken by bridesmaid, Whitney Williams. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The dress!

It's official! I am the proud owner of a fabulous wedding gown. =]
After going shopping with my cousin on Wednesday, I found a dress that I fell in love with! I went back yesterday to show my maid of honor and my mom. [Unfortunately due to crazy Michigan weather, my mom couldn't make it.] But Carmen loved it! 

Here is the Davids Bridal link to the dress:

 Front View

Back View
 I am having the alterations lady add buttons down the zipper.

 Front Detail

 I got these flowers to put in my hair for the reception. [I won't be wearing my veil.]

My veil!

 Veil over my face. Even though I don't think I am going to do this.

A different way to wear my veil. I think I like it better on the top of my head.

The dress will be here in the middle of March. I'm not sure where I'll keep it, because I can't trust Kevan to not peek! Maybe Carmen will have to keep it safe and sound for me at her apartment because it's close by and I will want to be able to visit it now and then. 

My alterations appointment is on March 20. Look for a post! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joe Simon Wedding Films

I have an amazing company to share with all my readers. Joe Simon Wedding Films! He specializes in HD and vintage wedding films which basically means, videography on STEROIDS.  Here are a few videos from their youtube but there are more recent ones on their main website, I got sent a link to this company because my photographer, Amanda Vanvels,, was at one of the weddings that Joe Simon shot. If you're interested here is a link to that specific film.

This company does such a great job, and their prices show it. Unfortunately, the price for this service is way out of my wildest dreams. But if you are interested, here is a link to Joe Simon Wedding Films prices,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bridal show #2.

I never posted on the first bridal show that I went to since it was before I started this blog. But I do have one photo of it to share with you all. =]

We went to another show this past weekend. It was the 41st Annual Grand Rapids Bridal Show at the Devos Center. I brought my maid of honor, Carmen, another friend, Therese, and my mom of course! 

This show was much bigger than the last that we went to. Tons more to look at, and loads more cake bakers with cake to taste. [My favorite part, even though I already have mine.] We enjoyed the limos and party buses, which they let you go into. I found a company with some great prices which we will hopefully be using for our wedding and maybe even my bachelorette party!!

Some even come equipt with a stripper pole! My mom enjoyed this. =]

There are always photo-booths at bridal shows and here is our strip.

Then there was the fashion show. Unfortunately, I didn't like a single wedding gown that the models wore. Just not my type, too much beading and bling for me. =] I like to keep things simple. But the little ring bearer and flower girl models were adorable. The little boy kept flashing the crowd. ha. 

They also featured a camo vest that I didn't like at first but then now I'm thinking it might be perfect for my dad to wear! It is the winter camo so when his jacket is on, you can't even tell! My dad is an outdoor type. 

Also, one of the models wore a gray tux that I just LOVED. I can't wait to finally go and have Kevan try some on!

newspaper announcements!

Kevan and I decided to post our engagement announcements in three of our local newspapers. 

If anyone is curious, we put these in the papers 3 months after we got engaged.

First off, the Saugatuck paper, the Commercial Record, because that's where we're from, although it is a very small paper that few actually see. 

Which brings me to the second paper, the Holland Sentinel, most Saugatuck residents recieve/read this paper on a regular basis.

And lastly, we posted in the South Haven Tribune because that's where my parents and most of my family live.
All photography is by Whitney Williams.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

all the happy couples.

So I realized that yesterday was exactly eight months until my wedding. ahh! I can't believe it!! I feel like I still have so many decisions to make.

I thought I would make this post about who out of my friends are engaged! I am planning to share with you pictures of their bridal parties, bachelorette parties, ceremonies and receptions as they all happen. 

Holly & Ryan
I worked with Holly over this past summer and now we go to school together. [That is until she graduates next week!!]
They recently got engaged and are planning on getting married Summer 2012.

 Lea & Jeremy
Lea is my 3rd cousin, and we graduated from the same high school so we were always close.
They are getting married July 9, 2011.

 Mike & Liz
Mike is one of Kevan's co-workers from his last job, and now a great friend. 
They are getting married May 14, 2011.

Kassi & Michael
I work with Kassi currently.
They are getting married October 2011.

Cara & Doug
Cara is my cousin and got engaged a month before me!
They are getting married August 20, 2011.
[Didn't have a picture handy, Sorry]

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peacock Wedding Theme.

So... Here are the reasons why I think we would be crazy if we didn't do a peacock themed wedding. =]

1. We already have navy blue as one of our wedding colors.

2. My bridesmaid was a peacock for halloween so you know she's on board.

3. I was considering doing a "love birds" theme for a while now.

4. Kevan's grandma has FIVE pet peacocks, so we would be in no feather shortage. 

5. I got an email from the knot last week featuring peacock themed weddings.

Notice my dream shoes in the bottom right of the above picture!! <3
Refer to my post on shoes to learn about these bad boys. =]


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