Saturday, January 22, 2011

The dress!

It's official! I am the proud owner of a fabulous wedding gown. =]
After going shopping with my cousin on Wednesday, I found a dress that I fell in love with! I went back yesterday to show my maid of honor and my mom. [Unfortunately due to crazy Michigan weather, my mom couldn't make it.] But Carmen loved it! 

Here is the Davids Bridal link to the dress:

 Front View

Back View
 I am having the alterations lady add buttons down the zipper.

 Front Detail

 I got these flowers to put in my hair for the reception. [I won't be wearing my veil.]

My veil!

 Veil over my face. Even though I don't think I am going to do this.

A different way to wear my veil. I think I like it better on the top of my head.

The dress will be here in the middle of March. I'm not sure where I'll keep it, because I can't trust Kevan to not peek! Maybe Carmen will have to keep it safe and sound for me at her apartment because it's close by and I will want to be able to visit it now and then. 

My alterations appointment is on March 20. Look for a post! 

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  1. I have the same dress as you! I found your website by googling the model # of our dress. :)