Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peacock Wedding Theme.

So... Here are the reasons why I think we would be crazy if we didn't do a peacock themed wedding. =]

1. We already have navy blue as one of our wedding colors.

2. My bridesmaid was a peacock for halloween so you know she's on board.

3. I was considering doing a "love birds" theme for a while now.

4. Kevan's grandma has FIVE pet peacocks, so we would be in no feather shortage. 

5. I got an email from the knot last week featuring peacock themed weddings.

Notice my dream shoes in the bottom right of the above picture!! <3
Refer to my post on shoes to learn about these bad boys. =]


Ring Pillow







  1. I was just searching for peacock themed weddings because I love all the colors of peacock feathers and thought "maybe that'd be unique" - luckily, although it seems like it may be a popular trend of late, I'm not too dismayed to NOT do it. I say you should do it, too! How beautiful!!

  2. I am a wedding designer and coordinator. I am exhibiting at a local bridal show and have decided to do the "Peacock Theme" as my design this year. Watch my FB page for pics...I just got done designing an invitation set.
    Good Luck!!