Friday, November 19, 2010

have the cake of your dreams, and eat it too.

Since I work at a catering company, I get the amazing privilege to taste wedding cakes all the time. After one summer, I knew exactly who had the best cakes, which meant, when I got engaged, I knew exactly where I would get my cake. =]

Ryke's Bakery in Muskegon, Michigan
When I called to schedule an appointment, the owner informed me that there was a date last August, that she had to turn away over 25 brides because she already had all the cakes she could make. Boy, was I glad I called 11 months early. Carmen and I went the appointment and were blown away at the amount of photos she had for us to look at. I already had a good idea of what I wanted, something simple. I ordered a 4 tiered ivory round cake covered with ivory dots and a strip of gray ribbon around the bottom of each tier. The bottom tier is white cake with raspberry filling, the next smallest tier is chocolate cake with raspberry filling, the next smallest tier is chocolate cake with chocolate filling and the smallest tier is chocolate cake with white bavarian filling. 

Here is an example of something similar to what I ordered.
Just imagine it with gray ribbon instead of green.

Also, I decided on a monogramed cake topper. I ordered this from because I found them there for $8.90 which was much cheaper than anywhere else.

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