Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Setting the date/Choosing a venue

So, naturally the first thing that I wanted to do was pick a date! Except, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I found out that I had to chose a venue before I choose the date in order to make sure the date was available. The venue that I first fell in love with was the Blue Dress Barn in St. Joe. I love idea of a reception in a nicely restored barn. Here are some pictures of the place...

I had my heart set on this venue until I learned that they had NO Saturdays left for next summer. This was the only barn close enough to our hometown to work for us. So no barn for us.

So on to plan B. 

After that set back, we had 2 new choices. The local brewery, Saugatuck Brewing Company, or the golf course, Ravines Golf Club. The spaces are comparable, but the Ravines is definitely nicer. We were just afraid of the price tag. I got the price information from both venues and turns out, Ravines room rental fee was a bit more than the brewery, but the food was less! So, we decided on the Ravines. I will get some pictures of the space as soon as possible to show you guys. 

They had pretty much open availability in August and that was the month I wanted. I have two cousins getting married next summer as well, on in May and the other in August, so I had to plan around them. Our hometown also had many festivals during the summer events, so we had to plan around those as well. We decided on August 6. It is 16 days before my cousins wedding, but everything should work out fine. Our date is also one day before Kevan's grandmothers birthday. This made her happy.

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